Backlogged: Winter Break 2013


Confession time: I have a real bad habit of buying more games than I have time to play.

I see a Steam sale for a game I’m halfway interested in it? Why not buy it now to ensure I don’t pay more later. A new game has me pumped about jumping into its world, story, or online friendzones… and it just so happened to go on presale somewhere AND includes the future DLC? I am, of course, way into that. Walk by a bargain bin and see a decent/bad game for $5? Sure, I just won’t eat out after leaving the store tonight. 

This isn’t a problem most of the time, but becomes one when I actually have the freetime to play games. Where do I start? How do I choose? Should I just sell the shit I probably won’t touch? It’s fairly frustrating because when it comes time to game, guilt shouldn’t enter into this beautiful hobby of ours. 

Over winter break, it gets to be pretty simple though, because there are a ton of Game of the Year lists floating around every website ever, and I can just pick the games I own from those and push through them if they can hold my interest. If not, I move on to the next and leave a mental note to come back later (or not at all, if it was really terrible). 

That’s exactly how I spent most of this past winter break, and so I thought I would run through what all I played, how far I got, and a quick blurb on what I thought before school really gears up to full-speed and I go back into my playing/writing when there is precious little freetime.

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Just started a semi-regular feature called Backlogged, where I run through the games I’ve run through over breaks and other stints where I actually get the freetime to play multiple things (aka: winter, spring, summer, and fall breaks). 

There’s no contest when it comes to PC gaming: Steam is the place to be. Their sales drive interest of games through the roof, their overlay and community features are unparalleled, and their selection goes from all kinds of software to almost any kind of game. Although there have been many contenders that stepped up to the plate to offer similar services, many do so out of a sense of fear; afraid that by giving Valve a monopoly on PC gaming, we will lose that special something business thrives on: competition.

However, Valve is not intimidated by competition and seeks it out regularly with the implementation of bold new features. Last fall it was Big Picture Mode, moving the Steam experience away from the PC and into the living room. Now, it is eliminating the need for a second screen/device to look to for help, with their new community feature: Steam Guides. …continue reading



So its official.

The Basement collection will feature:

-Time Fcuk (updated with new content + levels and achievements)

-Aether (updated with new content, graphics make over, improved physics and achievements)

-Spewer (updaed with new content, graphics make over, improved physics, new…

If you don’t buy this for $4, I will go from sorta tolerating your existence to actively hating you.