Catlateral Damage is a first person mischievous cat simulator, where your objective is to knock as many of your loving owners belongings onto the floor within a 2 minute time limit.

It’s a fun little game, and there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from knocking things over and making a mess (That’s probably why cats do it in the first place).  The dev plans to add more levels (rooms) to destroy, but at the Alpha gives you free reign to destroy your owners bedroom for 2 mins.  On your marks… get set… destroy!!

Play the Alpha, Free

I will be playing this immediately after getting home today, but my cat is probably playing this fun game while I’m gone. 

People are too used to $0.99 games, and it’s making it strangely tough to justify spending the price of a couple of drinks on a game. They’ll spend double that on a DVD, or a trip to the cinema, but somehow when it’s a digital online transaction they’ll wobble. It’s a tough balance to get right, and I’m still learning what that balance is.

There’s no contest when it comes to PC gaming: Steam is the place to be. Their sales drive interest of games through the roof, their overlay and community features are unparalleled, and their selection goes from all kinds of software to almost any kind of game. Although there have been many contenders that stepped up to the plate to offer similar services, many do so out of a sense of fear; afraid that by giving Valve a monopoly on PC gaming, we will lose that special something business thrives on: competition.

However, Valve is not intimidated by competition and seeks it out regularly with the implementation of bold new features. Last fall it was Big Picture Mode, moving the Steam experience away from the PC and into the living room. Now, it is eliminating the need for a second screen/device to look to for help, with their new community feature: Steam Guides. …continue reading



So its official.

The Basement collection will feature:

-Time Fcuk (updated with new content + levels and achievements)

-Aether (updated with new content, graphics make over, improved physics and achievements)

-Spewer (updaed with new content, graphics make over, improved physics, new…

If you don’t buy this for $4, I will go from sorta tolerating your existence to actively hating you.