This game is essentially a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure text game about living with depression. It’s based on real stories from real people. Why should you play it?

1) It’s Pay What You Want, or “free” for those of you with negative money right now. 

2) It might help you understand depression, and the people you know who have it, better. 

3) It might make you aware of your own negative cognitive and emotive patterns, giving you that nudge of inward reflection needed to seek help. 

4) It might get you to realize that there are other people out there just like you in situations eerily similar to your own. You’re not as alone as you think you are. 

Go play it, please. You might get something out of it that’s not a high score, an achievement, or a trophy. 

Holy notes! 

Definitely worth playing, ESPECIALLY if you have loved one’s that struggle with depression. Hopefully this will give you some real insight into their daily challenges.





Catherine themed bar in Tokyo.

White Rum, Cola, Cut Lime. Made in the motif of the Rum and Coke Vincent drinks in the game.

Framboise, Peach, Grenadin. The framboise is apparently meant to represent deep regret and affection.

Black Sumbuca, Milk, Cream. The black sumbuca was used because the game’s developers asked for a dark colored cocktail.

Beer, Soda, Melon, Yogurt, Cucumber. The development team requested the cucmber apparently because it has something to do with the game…

Midnight Venus
Champaign, Amaretto, Cherry. The cherry is meant to be in the image of the character’s red afro.

Stray Sheep
Yogurt and Milk. Designed in the image of a sheep. This is a desert cocktail.

Mango, Orange, Cherry. Both Erica and Tobia’s drinks have two cherries.

Nihonshu, Lemon, Tonic.

Grape Fruits, Tonic, Cherry.

Gin, Vermut, Black Olive.